Lone Star State team transitions with FDNY

The incident command system offers a unique opportunity for trained professionals to assist each other – even if they hail from completely different parts of the country.

Thirty-nine members of the Lone Star State Incident Management Team “transitioned” with the New York Fire Department IMT on Thursday, essentially accepting responsibility for overseeing a needs assessment and commodity distribution system put in place after Hurricane Sandy hit the Big Apple in late October.

Joseph Bruno, commissioner of the New York City Office of Emergency Management, met with the Lone Star State team on Friday morning and said he “greatly appreciates the Texas team coming to help us during a time you could be spending with your families.”

“The mission is pretty straightforward,” Bruno told the Lone Star State IMT. “We want to maintain contact with people in our city who need our help. Currently we have about 1,100 people without heat. We have banged on every door in the affected areas. We’re dealing with a whole bunch of people who have been traumatized. Their lives have been turned upside down. Your job is to ensure that our troops on the ground offer them the assistance they need. This is a very important mission. New Yorkers can handle anything, but sometimes we need some help.” 

FDNY Incident Commander Jim Kane also was supportive of the Lone Star State IMT.

“There are members of the Texas team that trained us,” he said. “It’s come full circle. This is the first time we’ve been deployed to help the city of New York. We’re turning the incident over to the people who trained us.”

April Saginor
Public Information Officer


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