Meet the team: Cody Holloway


Name: Cody Holloway
Position with Lone Star State Incident Management Team: Liaison Officer
Hometown: Amarillo, Texas
Age: 28

Cody Holloway joined Texas A&M Forest Service in 2010 and now works as the agency’s Regional Fire Coordinator in Childress.

As a seasonal firefighter in New Mexico, Holloway said he went on several assignments where he saw the value that can be added when a trained incident management team is able to assist.

In his role as liaison officer with the Lone Star State Incident Management Team, Holloway is working closely with the New York Office of Emergency Management.

“You have two agencies that have to have good continuity, so you designate liaisons to build those relationships and determine what needs to happen,” he said.

Holloway worked with the IMT in New York on a previous assignment during the last two weeks of November 2012.

“I noticed right away when we got here for this current assignment, the OEM was relieved knowing that the team from Texas was here,” he said. “Even though it wasn’t all the same people, they knew we were trained professionals and were going to meet their expectations.”

One of the youngest members of the IMT, Holloway said he hopes the team will work diligently to find the best possible solutions to assist with the Superstorm Sandy recovery effort. Currently, the team is coordinating the effort of the Army National Guard to assess the needs of residents and distribute commodities, including much-needed heaters as temperatures dip into the 20s.

“What we do on a day-to-day basis is going to help the citizens in the long term,” he said.


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