Meet the team: Jesse Davila


As an incident command technician for the San Antonio Fire Department, Jesse Davila has gained 10 years of experience managing and documenting emergency response efforts.

But the day after Christmas 2012 marked Davila’s first deployment with the Lone Star State Incident Management Team. The group is in New York assisting with Hurricane Sandy recovery.

Originally assigned to serve as a deputy branch director for the IMT, Davila has adapted to the needs of the team and is assisting the Situation Unit leader and Resource Unit leader.

“I’m hoping to enhance my management skills and become more organized when it comes to the operations of an incident,” he said. “I’m learning the dynamics of how incidents are managed. You can sit in a class and talk about it all day, but you don’t really understand it until you see the flow of the Incident Command System.”

Davila said the assignment has been a unique opportunity to meet new people and get to work alongside co-workers from his home agency.

“We’ve got a diverse mix of agencies represented here, so this is a chance to build relationships and camaraderie with San Antonio PD and other agencies,” he said. “You become pretty good pals. Even within our own department, you know who people are but you may not have had the chance to work this closely with them.”


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