Meet the team: Jesus Ramon


Jesus Ramon is one of 39 members of the Lone Star State Incident Management Team tasked with overseeing the complex hurricane recovery effort in the New York boroughs of Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Ramon, 30, has been a firefighter with the San Antonio Fire Department for the past five years and joined the All-Hazard Alamo IMT in 2010.

He got a taste for big-picture incident response during the unprecedented 2011 Texas wildfire season. Ramon worked alongside Texas A&M Forest Service personnel on the Riley Road Fire, which burned almost 20,000 acres and destroyed 73 homes.

“It was an eye-opener to see the big picture and the day-to-day operations of managing an incident,” he said. “It’s so much more than going to one house fire. These incidents last several days or several months. I thought it was something I wanted to be part of.”

The Hurricane Sandy recovery effort has been ongoing since October, and the Texas team is the second to assist with incident management, following Fire Department of New York’s IMT.

“Working with FDNY and the National Guard has been awesome,” Ramon said. “I like seeing how they operate, the way they do their jobs. I feel good about what we’re here to do and how we’re helping these citizens get back on their feet.”


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