Meet the team: Patrick Repman


Midland Fire Department District Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Repman has responded to several disasters with the Permian Basin Incident Management Team, dating back to the historic 2005 hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Now on his first out-of-state assignment – hurricane recovery detail in New York – Repman says there’s always an opportunity to learn.

“Normally in Texas, we’re the first IMT there and you’re trying to get your hands around the situation. You don’t always get an opportunity to better the process,” he said. “This is the first time I’ve had the luxury of having a full staff in the Plans Section – and coming in as the second IMT, we’re getting to do the things we were trained to do.”

Repman and the other members of the Lone Star State Incident Management Team deployed Dec. 26 to New York, relieving the city fire department’s IMT from overseeing the Army National Guard’s wellness checks and commodity distribution.

Repman, assigned to the incident as Plans chief, said he hopes to take back to Midland a refined planning process and a better knowledge of how other agencies, such as the New York Office of Emergency Management, operate during disaster recovery.

“I always ask the incident commander for an opportunity to see the process , to go out and see what Operations is doing,” he said. “I’ve had a great opportunity to go out into the communities. It’s only with that kind of knowledge that you can put together a plan.

“I’ve had nothing but good experiences,” he added. “It’s a fulfilling and very worthy assignment.”


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