Meet the team: Mark Trevino


San Antonio Fire Capt. Mark Trevino is a trained firefighter, paramedic and HazMat technician – but he’s learning a new craft while on assignment with the Lone Star State Incident Management Team in New York: computer specialist.

According to Trevino, an individual’s job title doesn’t matter when an IMT deploys for emergency response. It’s all about working together to best serve the public, he says.

“I’m here to do anything I can to assist the citizens of New York,” Trevino said. “As a firefighter, I’m a servant to citizens. When my children ask what I do, I don’t tell them I’m a firefighter. I tell them I help people. That’s what we’re here to do.”

Trevino said he’s fortunate to be able to work alongside his comrades from San Antonio as well as personnel from Texas A&M Forest Service, Fire Department of New York and the New York Army National Guard.

“I appreciate the opportunity,” he said. “I’m proud of our guys who are building themselves into better team members and getting good experience.

“I’ve worked with an IMT on numerous hurricanes and other disasters, but even though I’ve got some experience, I also have a willingness to work at any level,” Trevino added. “I’ve been in the fire department for 20 years and I’m a firm believer that you can learn something from the chief on down to a technical specialist. I’m bringing back technical expertise from a large incident. That’s going to make us better as a team on future incidents.”


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