Lone Star State IMT Update

Tablet training

The Lone Star State IMT, New York Army National Guard, New York Office of Emergency Management and Center for Innovation and Data Intelligence trained 86 AmeriCorps volunteers Wednesday to ensure proficiency with the assessment tablets used to conduct door-to-door wellness checks. The additional resources are now augmenting National Guard troops canvassing neighborhoods daily.

Friends of Firefighters, a charity dedicated to addressing the physical, mental health and wellness needs of New York firefighters and their families, hosted a breakfast Wednesday to thank the Lone Star State IMT for their work in the community. During the appreciation breakfast, first responders were called to a nearby incident involving a commuter ferry.

In addition to the 100,000-plus status checks, more than 43,396 informational packets have been distributed to date throughout the affected areas in an effort to mitigate secondary hazards such as dangerous mold, electrical safety and recovery assistance.             

Distribution totals to date:

Blankets: 6,337

Electric blankets; 4,208

Cases of water: 3,283

Meals: 41,460

Cases of masks: 754

Comfort kits: 4,189

Portable electric heaters: 786


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