Lone Star State IMT Update


The Lone Star State IMT incident commanders met Tuesday, Jan. 8, with members of the New York Army National Guard, New York Office of Emergency Management (NYCOEM) and Center for Innovation in Data Intelligence (CIDI), the group managing data collected from public wellness checks. The group streamlined the methodology used to capture residents’ status and needs.

Feedback is provided daily to cooperating agencies that not only enhances the efficiency of the operation but helps improve the city’s ability to respond in the future. The IMT also is gathering lessons learned that can be implemented on future incident response events in Texas.

Starting Wednesday, the troops on the ground were augmented by AmeriCorps volunteers, who are scheduled to receive training on field assessments from CIDI, NYCOEM, LSSIMT operations and New York Army National Guard.

With a total of 175 personnel assigned to the incident, safety officers reported no injuries in the field on Tuesday. Debris has accumulated as a result of home repairs and structurally compromised buildings in the assessment area, so safety of responders and residents continues to be of the utmost importance. 

“We are taking the safety of our troops extremely seriously and have developed a comprehensive contingency plan to ensure we can respond to any situation rapidly and efficiently,” said Safety Officer Terry Jones.

In addition to the status checks, more than 43,396 fire prevention brochures have been distributed to date throughout the affected areas in an effort to mitigate secondary fire hazards.

Justice Jones
Public Information Officer


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