Meet the team: Steve Cordova


The only member of the Lone Star State Incident Management Team to hail from El Paso, Steve Cordova brings unique experience as emergency management planner for Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo Tribal Nation in West Texas.

His experience in El Paso makes Cordova an ideal candidate to serve as the team’s Deputy Plans Chief. In his capacity with the Superstorm Sandy recovery, Cordova is collecting, evaluating, processing and disseminating information. He also supervises daily preparation of the Incident Action Plan and provides input to the Incident Commander and Operations Section.

“This experience has been very positive,” Cordova said. “The team’s mission is so important because it directly aids residents who were impacted by this deadly and destructive storm. I hope to bring many lessons learned back to the community I serve. I’m willing to contribute and participate any way possible in providing disaster preparedness assistance to the Lone Star IMT.”


One thought on “Meet the team: Steve Cordova

  1. I’m very proud to be able to say, “I’be been married to this heart of gold retired firefighter-office of emergency, community lover. Steve Cordova, you are my hero and we love and miss you in El Paso. 🙂

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